If you are going through a divorce or separation, Washington State law will divide your assets and liabilities in a “fair and equitable” – not necessarily equal – manner. Ultimately, either you and your spouse or a Judge will decide what that really means.

The truth is: trials are expensive! That is why we give emphasis on structuring property settlements in lieu of costly trials. Unraveling a marriage can be a roller coaster’s worth of ups and downs, but balancing financial interests, advising on hard decisions in plain English, and pushing forward towards an exciting new chapter in life is what we help our clients do.

Property settlement is not possible for everyone, though. If you are facing a situation where settlement is not an option, you also need a passionate advocate on your side. Our focus is your focus. Your situation is our situation and we pride ourselves on being vigorous advocates for our clients.

The factors that go into a fair distribution of assets and liabilities can include: (1) Financial needs; (2) Current income and income potential; (3) How long you’ve been married; (4) Ages of both spouses; and (5) Medical conditions that create a financial need – amongst others.

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