“In a family business, you grow up with close contact to the business, whatever it is, and the beer business is certainly a very social type of business.”

— Carlos Alvarez, founder of The Gambrinus Company, 1986

Families across the great state of Washington enjoy the pride, connection, strategic advantage and the financial reward of having a successful family business. Family businesses face similar challenges that most other businesses face, but in many ways, the family enterprise faces unique challenges due to its unique makeup. Some of the areas that Evergreen Law Office can assist family businesses include:

  • Succession & Continuity Planning – Many family businesses look to succession planning as the solution for ensuring the viability of the family business. We believe that succession planning is an ongoing process that includes critical decisions, meticulous estate planning as well as a comprehensive plan for the future. That way we can ensure the successful transition of ownership, leadership, and management of the business and its assets to successive generations.
  • Business Governance – Appropriate and effective governance is the hallmark of a sustainable family enterprise. Evergreen Law Office partners with our clients to establish a governance program that facilitates business continuity and growth.
  • Organization & Education of the Family – Successful family enterprises typically see enhanced results in both business performance and family relationships when everyone understands the various aspects of the family and business. Evergreen Law Office begins by determining where the biggest opportunities are to establish agreement on key issues around the business, as well as what areas of education will best equip shareholders to be effective stewards of the family’s legacy.
  • Effective Ownership – Creating an effective ownership structure means answering some difficult questions. Evergreen Law Office works with families to plan for ownership changes and to create programs for educating potential owners on their rights and responsibilities as shareholders in the company.
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution – Evergreen Law Office prides itself in its ability to engage family stakeholders in proactive dialogue around the family business. We have found that by inoculating all stakeholders with knowledge, education, and experience, family dynamics and related issues become stronger. We have also found that communication channels become more effective allowing for better decision making regarding the enterprise.
  • Leadership Development – In any growing company, the need for leadership that can grow and change with the ever-evolving needs of the business is crucial to success. Add in the complexities of leadership in a family business, which includes balancing business needs with family needs and it is clear that leadership in family businesses requires unique competencies. Evergreen Law Office supports founders, second, third and fourth generation leaders, sibling and cousin teams, non-family executives and management, family council chairs and board chairs.
  • Policy Development – Family business policies do much more than simply document processes or decisions. The process of creating, documenting and sharing these policies allows a family to protect itself against future conflict, by specifying up front how a wide variety of potentially contentious issues will be handled.