Most parents want to provide for their children. Child Support obligations are calculated by a statutory formula here in Washington State. If you would like to estimate the child support obligations specific to your circumstances, visit the Washington State Child Support Calculator provided by the Washington Department of Social and Health Services (WA DSHS).

The question as to whether you will be receiving or paying child support in today’s uncertain economy brings its own concerns and anxieties. Evergreen Law Office can help you whether you need to establish a child support order, enforce one, or if you have been served with a child support action. We also assist with enforcing out-of-state support judgments.

There are many factors that act as a basis for a petition to modify a child support obligation, and Evergreen Law Office can also assist you if you are seeking a modification to an existing order.

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Transparency and easy billing practices are at the core of our business because constantly watching the clock gets in the way of a trusting and collaborative relationship. We believe that being an effective advocate means keeping lines of communication open, so we answer brief questions and respond to emails and texts without additional charges. We are available when it is convenient for you – not the other way around.

Evergreen Law Office offers flexible pricing and payment plans to suit each of our client’s specific needs, including flat fees under certain circumstances. We will always discuss pricing in detail and in advance.

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