Each and every year thousands of Americans catch the entrepreneurial spirit and launch a small business to sell their products, services, and innovations. Some thrive; others fall face flat. Starting a business can be an overwhelming task for even those seasoned pros who are working on their third or even fourth venture. Things are never easy in the beginning no matter how long you’ve been doing something.

Just a few of the many legal issues to resolve during the formation stage of your business are:

  • Evaluation and development of your business idea – (I.e., Creation of a business plan, including profit/loss forecast and cash flow analysis; sourcing start-up financing, and setting up a basic marketing plan);
  • Selection of a legal structure for the business – (I.e., number of owners, type of business, liability protection, and the individual tax objectives of each owner);
  • Choose an available name and register the domain and trademark;
  • Registering the business name;
  • Prepared organizational paperwork;
  • Find a business location;
  • Filed for licenses and permits;
  • Obtained insurance;
  • Set up the financial bookkeeping;
  • Set up tax reporting;
  • Conversions (LLC – PC – Inc. ).

With so many hurdles to navigate, it’s no wonder so many startups fail in their first year. Evergreen Law Office provides multi-faceted representation for our clients to navigate the challenging waters of new business formation.

“Epic legal counsel shouldn’t hinder good business practices, but foster their growth.” – Adam Shelton, Managing Attorney

 Spotting potential liability isn't always obvious. Epic legal counsel should also support the creative process - not become a hinderance. Spotting potential liability isn’t always obvious. Epic legal counsel should also support the creative process – not become a hindrance and liability.


We provide flat fee representation plans aimed at advising those with even the most modest budget.  Now, with Evergreen you will gain a trusted team member with the experience necessary to navigate the initial hurdles of getting your business ready to flourish.

Our flat fee representation plans will give you the reliance of a transparent fee, and depending on the plan provide some or all of the following services:

  • Establishing and helping plan new companies;
  • Protection of your ideas through trademarks, copyrights, licensing agreements and enforcement efforts, if necessary;
  • Advocate for your needs and priorities and resolve unnecessary disputes;
  • Negotiate and draft contracts for real estate, vendors, talent, employees, partners, and others;
  • Advise and provide guidance on laws and regulations impacting your business.

If you are in the market for a partner you can trust – give us a call at 253-693-2244 and learn more about why we are #intentionallydifferent.