Many people use the term “custody” to talk about the time they are able to spend with their children. However, parenting plans in Washington do not use “custody” to refer to this time. Instead, the parenting plans use residential schedules and decision making to indicate what each parent’s rights are with respect to time with their children and the decisions made for them.

Although a custodial parent is designated in Washington parenting plans (for purposes of greater state and federal statutes requiring such a designation), this does not decide “custody” as it’s concerned with actual time spent with the children. Often, we have parents who are concerned about custody but find out they are really concerned with residential time.

Each family is unique with respect to what residential schedule is in the best interests of the children. If you want to know more about common residential schedules, and what may be the best fit your family, give us a call today at 253-693-2244 and find out what makes us #intentionallydifferent.