Personal Injury Protection – PIP?

PIP stands for personal injury protection (personal injury protection), and it is an extension of car insurance that covers medical expenses and in many cases, lost wages, loss of services, and funeral costs. It is often called “no-fault” coverage because its inherent comprehensiveness pays out claims regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

Am I required to have PIP?

In Washington, Insurance Companies are required to offer PIP coverage, but you are not required to accept it. If you do not wish to have PIP coverage, however, you must reject the coverage by your signature.


While you have the ability to opt out of your PIP coverage, we highly recommend obtaining PIP coverage to protect you in the event you are unprotected – for any reason whatsoever.

I have PIP, but who does it cover?

In Washington, PIP will cover:

  • The individual named on the policy;
  • All household residents related by blood, marriage or adoption;
  • Step-children and Foster-children;
  • Any other non-family passengers (and pedestrians) involved in an accident.


Is there anything PIP doesn’t cover?

PIP typically does not cover injuries caused by using motorcycles (PIP coverage is available for motorcycles, but is usually very expensive), recreational or off-road vehicles, mopeds, or farm equipment.

PIP will not cover intentional injuries caused by the insured. For example, if the insured person’s injuries were caused due to an organized racing activity, or while committing a felony.

PIP also will not cover any services that the insurance company deems unreasonable, unnecessary, related to the accident, or outside three years from the date of the accident.

Do you still have questions about PIP coverage?

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