What is “equine law”?  While interesting to note that “equine” is French for horse, practically speaking, “equine law” is essentially niche general practice work focusing on horses and horse professionals.  I am passionate about equine law because it combines my love for horses with the practice of law.  Personally, I have owned horses for nearly 25 years and I currently own two.  I will always own horses and care tremendously for the horse community that I, too, belong.

Give Evergreen a call today, I promise you will feel better just knowing an equine attorney is on your side who truly understands what matters most.

Here are some of the things I can help you with:





Jessica Johnson

The Equine Esquire

  •    Boarding contracts, lease agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements, or other miscellaneous contracts
  •    How to adequately protect yourself from liability issues etc.
    •    If you’re an equine professional, or even just a horse person boarding some horses in your extra stalls
  •    Agister liens
  •    Possession, ownership or registration disputes
  •    Collection or debt disputes
  •    LLC formation and small business counseling
  •    Service as registered agent or handling of annual business renewals
  •    Preparing liability waivers

Does it involve horses?  Let’s talk!!

Between my nearly 25 years of personal and practical horse experience, my diverse and ever growing legal experience, as well as the incredible and knowledgeable team at Evergreen, we will exceed your legal needs and expectations.

My animal law practice is not limited to Equine law.  I handle cases involving other types of animals too, nor is my experience limited to horses.  I grew up with dogs and around positive reinforcement obedience training, AKA breed shows, responsible breeding, and other forms of dog competition.  While the laws that apply to different types of animals may vary, my passion doesn’t.  Give Evergreen a call today to set up a free consultation with The Equine Esquire!